Monday, February 05, 2018

Monday Night Piped In

First ride on my brand new Rocky Mountain Pipeline 770 MSL. 

Washington Way pick up after work and we headed to park at the end of Bowenvale Ave.

Got riding, up the gravel valley, on up past Hospital Corner, up past the bottom of the Lavaflow, and up the gully from there.  Then it was back across the slope around to the bottom of Brent's and up into forest up the steep 4wd track towards Cool Runnings, crossing this then on up past Rad^Sick and up to the Skidder Site. From here, up the steep pig, through Brake Free, and then Wormed up to the Traverse.

Nice haul around this to top of Lavaflow and along a bit, then down the 'new' fun wee Huntsbury descent, jumping the jumps and then across the landing strip onto the singletrack over the knoll and down the jumpy ways to the bottom. Turned around here and climbed back up the gravel road all the way up to the start of Traverse, crossed the road onto the start of Vernon and had a rest here at the highest spot.

Then it was back down onto the Traverse, round to the 'new' jumpy Huntsbury, bomb down this and into the zigzag Old Skool, all graded and fresh - ready for a rain event to wash it all away again, cleaning the new (over old) rocky line, newly dug bits and then into the Old Skool proper. Awesome blast down this, not letting Nelson get far ahead til much lower down. And, back to the car

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