Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wednesday Night Hunting Victorian Dusty Gringo Vales

Rode with Paul for a change tonight. Nelson was out, having crooked his neck over night and also had the wrong bike (his DH in the car from previous night in the park). Rode from Paul's place, with him on my old Turner, which he's purchasing from me...

Meandered across town and headed up Huntsbury.  As we came over Kenmure Drive we found from here on up a million people all parking and walking up with us to the start of the gravel where Torpedo7 was holding Rogaine.  Navigated through them and continued on up the gravel, me grovelling a bit but keeping a good pace.  Up onto the single track and the wind was ferocious pushing us off a couple of times.  Finally up the top grovel and easy to the start of the Traverse.

Nice tail-wind around the Summit, both of us getting pretty puffed even on the downhill stretches, but going well.  Then into top of Vic and down past the seesaw, past people working on Brake Free and down into the Gums.  The Rocky just ploughed on through the rock garden, fantastic.  Then down into my favourite twisty lefty and through to the skidder site.  Next, into Spazza's, so many options in there now, and across down to Sneaky Ridge, flying down the first rocky section.  Paul baulked, but knew he could do it, so went back and did it.  Then down the rest and back and forth in the oaks and wheee over the jump onto Bridges,  and back and forth down to the bottom of the valley.

Through the creek and up the zigs and zags of Hidden Valley Link, climbing nicely and cleaning all the corners, then up, really puffing into Old Skool.  Awesome blast down this, catching up some old codgers and picking them off one by one, til in the lower zigs and zags Paul got a flat (what is it about that bike and pinch flats!?).  We stopped just above the valley floor and swapped out my (no-longer-needed) 26 inch tube. 

7.20 us as we rolled down Bowenvale Ave, and we proceeded back the way we'd come and stopped into Moon Under Water for a nice point of, aptly, Dusty Gringo.  Justy biked down to join us, and it was well and truly dusk, 8pm-ish, when we rode back up to their place.

20kms with 500 metres of climbing.  

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