Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sunday Styx and Stones

Boys were coming from their respective parts of town so after popping into Mitre10 I trundled back down the railtrail and met them just after they'd crossed Wairakei/Rossall St.  We headed north, at a reasonable clip, stopping into Cosy Cafe for a leisurely coffee, then onwards to the planting. 

Good turn out, with 1800 plants in the ground in about an hour, then sossies, and back on the trail south again.  Losing Wahayno at Northcote Rd and then me at St James Park, the boys continued on and split off accordingly til all that was left was Wazza, heading home on his own.

For me, a 13 km round up and back trip.  a whopping 23m of altitude gain.  Not really a 'ride' as such, just 'going somewhere on my bike'.

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