Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wednesday Night Not as Mucky as one might expect

Fatty and Tall-y out for a spin again. Post work meet at same spot on the river bottom of Bowenvale as last time, and headed for the Major Aitken.  Swapped bikes for the climb, me still much slower than Nelson, even with him belaboured with the fatty.  Up Major Aitken and Kenmanure onto Huntsbury and on up to the top. 29er skinny tires, locked out forks, rolls pretty easy, so I wasn't as stuffed as I'd usually be by the top.

Swapped back to our own steeds at the top, and headed off down Vernon, fat tires a little over-aired from a brief pump-up in the morning.  Manageable tho, and still plenty of grip.  Across cRapaki top and into Witch Hill, where we clambered to the high point and stopped for a quick snack.  Tonnes of lights on the track (and Monty's Spur) below.   Turned around here and bombed back again, across the saddle and on up Vernon, climbing slow and steady for me.  Eventually made the top and caught up to Nelson.

Bunch of riders assembled at Traverse, but none made the move so we I headed in.  Nelson stuck to the road above cos he thought the track might be wet and mucky like last time and he didn't wanna dirty up his nice clean bike. It wasn't, so he joined me for the 2nd half, around to top of Vic.  He gotten ahead of me, and we'd caught up with some other guys and one of them had a yellow jacket so I chased them down finding it wasn't Nelson.  So, I was at the seesaw and holla'd up to Nelson who then joined me and off down the rabbit paddock we cruised, into the rockgarden and around through the gummies, usual fun little lefthander, and through to the skidder site.

Into Spazza's, catching up to a couple of guys at the bottom, and we sidled across from the 40footer and over down the 4wd track to half way down Cool Runnings, left into here.  Fun whoopdedoos and into the valley bottom (the other two guys working down from above that in behind us) and then out onto Bridges and Flow, and across Nu Bridges heading straight across towards Hospital Corner.  Long time since i'd been down this section, had forgotten how fun-steep it is.  My uber-grippy tires kept me in control all the way down, but Nelson's skinnywhippet-tiny-knobs couldn't hold on and he even walked a little.  Final gravel road blast down was fun - it's what fatbikes do best.  Then down the road back to the car and we were done by 7.15pm!  Headed to Moon Under Water for a beer and a snack.

over 16 kms, and 632 m climbed... not bad for a week night.

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