Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday Night, Bottle Lake (AGAIN) Seven (3 singles)

Andrew, Wayne, Matt, Hubby, Stealthy Steve, Al and me all congregated in the carpark bout 6.30. Andrew on his long legged (42:16) singlespeed marin running the magic ratio (no tensioner), and Al and me both on singles again. headed in, hung a right, and out towards beach, good spin through there, bit muckier than sunday i think. then along beach, in to pond and back out on main track, north all the way up to Spencer, breather at the picnic shelters, then back in for the final slog. some slick ass bits, greasy corners, and muckiness, but all in all a good spin.

(i have to put this next bit), i led most of the way, but matt was riding my ass the whole time, and andrew was hard to keep up with on his long gear...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetcheeks, Guses who it is.

I am pleased to see you staying off the hills. The tracks will respect you for it, as will I. You are certainly not modest about how good you are,I was wondering if you are this good in everything you do. One day we will have to hook up, maybe we could ride together. I know you will take charge and give me a good ride.

Yours BJ