Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday night, Rapaki, Summit, Vic, Cashmere

overcast easterly, nearly drizzly riding across to Steve's for 6pm start. got there, and riding were Steve, Andrew, the other (accountant) Steve, , Matt, Tony, Jo from work and me. headed up Rapaki, good climb, into heavier and heavier fog, making for any speed tricky. good moon out, lighting the way too.

avoided the single track on Vernon, took road, then hit Summit Traverse. excellent ride round there, coming out of the fog around the Sugarloaf. down through vic, Gums, to skidder site, then down road to Dog Exercise Area, dodgey down side of pines to top of cashmere, with big drips falling off the pines onto their roots making for very interesting riding down there. once next to the houses the lower section of walktrack was closed (must've been a tree down or slip?) so bailed out onto Scarfe Pl, then down Longhurst briefly, then Derrynane lane through park to Takahe/Kidson. a few of us bombed down Kidson, but the others lost their way and went up Takahe, meeting us finally down bottom of Kidson. into Macmillan to Marie's place where she had laid on some delicious Muffins and warm drinks... then down hill, and i rode home down Colombo whilst the others peeled into Beckenham back to Steve's.


Anonymous said...

Hi - you obviously ride a lot. Do you have any kind on riding log - like for the kms / hours - There's a good free one at

The site seems more set up for road riders but the software would be great for any riders.
Not spamming you just sharing the resources , dude.

Matt said...

Hey - I'll be back in Chch in August - maybe you can take me up one of the trails. You'll have to make it easy tho - I have minimal to zero experience off asphalt and I'm still getting back into the riding.

Matt in Malbone

swtchbckr said...

i had a speedo/odo once, but a very wet cyclic saga killed it (altho, that said, i found it in a drawer 2 years after i'd thrown out the wiring for it, and it was working!). but nah, i just like to ride. i sometimes calculate the distance, after the fact, on either gmaps or on my gis at work.