Friday, November 28, 2008

Old skool's well cool.

Fiiinally got out. time and light short, leaving home at 7.45pm, drove to Bowenvale Ave, rode up Old Skool. right at the start i bumped into Angrywadder James finishing a ride, caught up with him briefly and while talking to him a dude on a Cotic Simple stopped and chatted too...

anyway, headed up through the new switchbacks up the Old Skool. Cleaned everything and was in middle ring all the way til the pylon. its alll good up there now, with post winter repairs all good. cruised, coughing my lungs out and emptying the snot pressure of the remains of a lurgy, grannying all the way the 4wd zigzags to the top gate, chasing the last of the sunshine up the hill. never quite caught it.

then turned around and headed back down the way i came up. glasses off as they were steamy, and down all the techy lines, well worn from the return of other riders, and then down the singletrack. nice flowy descent and home by 9.15.

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