Monday, November 10, 2008

post election Sunday, vic witch vic nun out

the country is now on its way down the tubes under the new Nazional government. hoo fucking ray.

saturday afternoon, i pulled the cranks off the cotic, took out the bottom bracket, cleaned everything, re-greased, re-assembled, thereby getting rid of the looseness and creak before any damage was done.

Sunday morning... nursing a few too many Leffe's under my belt and a rough night crashed at my folks (left kids there while at Paul's 40th party at Kiwi), i headed up from top of Cashmere into Vic park, gently easing into it, to be confronted with blue tape crossing the skidder site from the gums to Dazza's for local DH racing. Middle ringed it up good to top, getting out of the way of the motherhucking downhillers, and then booked it round the summit traverse towards rapaki. nice flowy ride round, into the wind in spots, and over vernon, with a bloody good flowy down to top of rapaki where i found Marie, Fi the swearing irish optometrist, and Nicole, shortly followed up by Steve, then Pete, AndyRandy and Waynus. We headed back up round Vernon, good climb, overtaking some guys strangely walking near the top (gotta start somewhere i guess), and then good bomb round to Vic. dodged a few more DHers, and headed into Thomsons, kiwi, where pete discovered his rear wheel had come loose, Chris King hubs too, very weird. he bailed down the road.

the rest of us headed up round road to top of Marleys, and had an awesome bomb down Flying Nun, enjoying the crap out of the new bits. then my phone rang. it was T, saying she didnt have a key, so i had to bail then. the others went back up for another blast down the new bits. i bombed it down Old Dyers, (overtaking the two guys that were walking on Vernon), and then blasted it down Dyers Pass Rd (overtaking 1 car and having the rest of the road to myself). was home by 11.30 or so, to find no sign of T, H or O... who arrived later.

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