Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kaiteri, 31st

Kaiteriteri trails... howling gales in Collingwood, and we were on our way home, so twas over to scorching heat in Kaiteriteri... and now i'm kicking myself for not looking at the maps better... stupidly, i hit up all the completely easy ones. into salivator, sidewinder, swampmonster, gladerunner, then new to me revelation. thought about heading up ziggy, but didnt, on account of needing to keep the ride short, so turned back on the rev. then hit up shady lady, thought, thats too good, so turned back down it, then headed back round gladerunner, one very scary moment where i totally overcooked an offcamber corner leaving a big skid on the trail (and nearly some in my pants). onto swampmonster and sidewinder (gasping for air on the umpteenth switchback) then down halfpipe to the end. nothing very interesting. lovely well built trails, but just not enough challenge for me. Shady Lady was really great, and was the riding i was keenest on. should have looked into some of the other stuff, but unfortunately thought they were all just connectors for the old network of firebreaks. anyway, out and back to T and the boys at the beach, and no swim cos the boys were at each other's throats. a car journey later i had a swim in the Buller at Murchison.

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rubberjaws said...

These trails are a nice easy blast but check out some of the other trails next time. You missed a fantastic run. You should of gone up Ziggy and then when it meets Big Air carried on up before turning around and coming down Big Air to Revelation. It was on this downhill run that I impersonated a Boeing 737 on takeoff. lovely yumpy bits. You would o loooovvvveeeed it.