Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Thomas's God Snaking

lift with Pete out to Dotcom, meeting Andy, Wayne, Wazza and Dallas there. off up the Thomas we trundled. all going pretty good, i was feeling quite good, fresh legs recovered from Wednesday's semi-epic, tho the summer cold still pestering me a little. cleaned all the cleanables and didnt clean the usuals. topped out and into the shade of the embankment at Evans.

Then it was off out Godley. blew out the usual first bit, but got pretty much everything else quite nicely thanks. the others all did good. regrouped in the usual couple spots, interspersing these with great blasts down the great blasty bits. at Breeze we took the high(ish) line, ie, above the road, the two little grunts puzzling me cos they werent as bad as i remembered (been a while since i took that line). pete and me flew down to the end and took shade under the macracarpas by the loo block. the others followed in, and then we took off round the below-road track. awesome jaunt round here, best i've had in ages. all my control and balance and power just seemed to pull together perfectly.

then the Anaconda. again, everything came together and it was an awesome descent. railed all the berms and hoisted the yumpies and blazed on down. then into the tail, following another dude who looked to be struggling a little, but was keeping an okay pace. then the climb out of taylors was one of the best i've had in a while, i just seemed to have plenty of power to get up the hill.

down Nicholson, excellent blaze down here, then when i got to the bottom looked back and couldnt see any of the others... turned out Pete's derailleur had appeared to eat itself, tho once he got it untangled it was fine.

coffee at dot come and home round 12.30.

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