Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toosdy shortening light ride meet

Quick ride last night. Steve(abba), Rex, Tony, Marie, and me met at Steve's and we all headed up a truly munted Muntsbury. Pete caught us at the first high point on the road, then it was up the steeps to the dirt and on up to the singletrack.

Light getting low, sun pretty much went behind the mountains as we started round the Traverse. Good spin round here, nice and fast, excellent condition. Then into the pines at top of Vic and total darkness, my yellowlensed shades in my mouth down over the see-saw into the first few jumps popping nice air then out to the rockgarden into the gummies and my little favourite left down through round and pulling up below the skidder ready to roll with the others grouping up there joining me and then off down through rest of Vic with Pete and me taking the Microwave Tower track behind Amherst Pl and then the group splitting either side of Takahe some on Hack and some on Dye then bunching down a steep drive into the back of Marie's.

Andy, Wazza, Wayhayno and Hubbster were waiting for us, and we congregated with beer and discussions and planning for The October Trip.

Followed this by a blast down the hill and home across town, with the stench of rotten food hitting us as we passed thru the ruins of the Worcester / Stanmore shops. tha's some smelly sheeiit - Wicks Fish shop, the cafe on the corner, Memphis Belle Pizzeria, all rotten now.

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