Sunday, April 03, 2011

Schmuntsbury to Worsles Sundae with a Nun's cherry on top.

Running late caught the guys up on lower Ramahana just after the closed bit. Riding were Andy, Tony, Wayney, Stevey, Petey and Racey Rexy. Very toasty climb, wishing i'd not worn a black merino. Got up top in reasonable time to find Mark and Marie.

Hit the Traverse for an excellent blast, fast paced and smooth followed by an excellent blast down Thomsons, pumping it for extra speed. Second section we spooked a couple of walkers, with smiles all round. Down the road to the Kiwi where Tony peeled off and the rest of us headed up the hill.

Regroup and a feed (my first ever Em's Power Bar - yum) before hitting the Nun. Quite a cool breeze by now, making me glad i had the black merino on (i had no other garments). I led off with Pete chasing and had a blast. Bombed it, all sweet, tho annoyed at the fucking braking bumps into all the wrong spots. What is WRONG with these muppets who are jamming on the brakes in places they should be fucking staying off them!? Didnt let it ruin my flow tho, and carried on down all the way to the bottom. Only Mark did the same, so we tootled off back up the hill slowly gaining on the rest of the posse. Caught them at the top of Worsley's, ready for the down hill.

Steve led off, I followed, Andrew on my tail. Managed to pass Steve as the Body Bag levelled off and the rest of the way down was great. Chose a B line for a change for the first time since way back when and it was great. Somehow tho, Rex made a wrong turn somewhere along the line and we lost him... ?

Speedy blast down the road, some of us grabbing the sideline on the lower slopes, before rolling out the bottom of the valley, into the cracroft detour and then on round the river, taking in Earnsleigh Reserve, South Library, Beckenham park, and me peeling off up Eastern Tce homewards. Waved a 'hello' to AbbaSteve in passing on Stanmore.

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