Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gerald FitzSinclair.

Staying at the bach, I chucked the Cotic in the car and drove it to Pettigrews Rd. Locked it to a fencepost and headed for Little River where i met Steve, Pete, Robin and Wayne in Pete's car and Marie and Ben in hers. Left the Fiat there and travelled back up to my bike in Maries.

Hit the trail and we rode up. Up and up, onwards ever upwards. Its not until you ride it with others that you realise just how much up there is. And compared to last time i rode it, the visibility was supreme. Robin struggled, but with some walking, of which all did some, he managed it to the top of Sinclair. The coolness of the bush was enjoyed by all. I snapped pics quite regularly too, once i've got them off the camera i'll load them into this post.

The downhill from Sinclair, skirting a beautiful patch of bush, down onto a cool singletrack across the ridge, was fun. Then the climb up the back of Fitzgerald, with its interesting mucky extra steep section in the middle. We all had a go at getting up it, with most doing pretty good. Once on the ridge we spotted some other bikers attempting to ride down the singletrack (that Pete reported he'd done once, and never again), so we holla'd at them and they turned round and came back to us where we pointed them down the right direction. Pete and me tootled up to the top of the rocky summit and peered out at the amazing views. Regrouped and it was time for a blast.

Down the true twin fenceline fast as fast and swoopy as can be. through a wee gate, and on down to finish into the interesting, and in places unrideable bit where Pete got in an argument with a Lawyer, which got its claws in and didnt let go til it had blood. A snack and some yummy snakes, and a wee blast down to some horse riders and a steep little fucker that i've never got before, but cleaned entirely this time.

Then it was across the tops a bit, down to Waituna Saddle, and the last climb up zigging and zagging to the final descent to the road. then the blast down the gravel (loose at times) back to Little River, and i drove Pete and Marie back to their vehicles on my way home to the bach.

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