Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So. Due to a change in work location, because my building is in a closed zone, i bought myself a Kona Bike. It really was very cheap, but I thought i'd made a big mistake cos as standard the 2nd gear was too low to cruise a reasonable pace, and the 3rd was too tall. A quick swap of the 42t and chain, and the CST Selectah tires from the Specialized, and instantly it was better. Then, the purchase of some Surly Open Bars from the good people of Velo-Ideale saw it really get into shape (I do wish i had the $$ to spend on a nice bike from them...- oneday, maybe a Pugsley).

Daily, 10 kms each way, hot or cold, rain or shine. 100kms a week. Taking in local streets (Forth,Stanmore,London) to Bealey to Hagley Park alongside Harper Ave, Kilmarnock St, then either Straven to Riccarton Rd or through Riccarton Bush, Totara, Clyde to Riccarton - Church Corner - Main South to the Sockburn roundabout. Coming home, sometimes to avoid Bealey, I've been salmoning round into Montreal, Peacock/Beveridge/Conference, Durham/Gracefield to Salisbury and round the munted river my old route, Alexandra - Vogel. As soon as Salisbury's open from Park Tce to Durham I'll definitely go that way.

I seem to be getting faster, but my time is pretty much always half an hour regardless. If i push hard, its half an hour. If i go easy, its half an hour.

Everyday once i'm out on the street it feels like almost like a race. Other cyclists, cars, trucks, buses all hustling and bustling and vying for space on the road. I just cant seem to 'cruise' along, I always seem to have to be pushing it. What is with that??? I'll catch up to a fellow cyclist, and because I've caught them up I have to pass them and then because I've passed them I've got their pressure behind me so I have to keep up the pace. Its a mind fuck, and I cant seem to go slower.

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swtchbckr said...

Since then, Peterborough and Salisbury have opened up at the Park end so i've been taking Vogel, Alexandra, Cambridge, Peterborough in the mornings and Salisbury and the rest in the evenings. Some days i'm taking Riccarton Rd all the way, both ways, or still using Kilmarnock and Riccarton Bush Totara St Clyde depending on the winds, my state of mind, and the traffic lights at Clyde when on my way home...