Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tooling around

took the singlespeed up to The Sanctuary, Pyramid Valley, Uncle's place, the Family seat, and with H on a hoody wrapped and tied on my top tube, and O on his 24inch Norco we galavanted around on the farm. cleared sticks, and went with the flow, a half km loop with maybe <10m altitudinal drop, round and round we tooled. the potential for a bunch of laps around that place is endless, every row of trees could have a singletrack twisting through it, and there's enough slope on the property and interesting features, that it wouldn't get all boring up or down. Surrey hooned around on his 700c machine. heaps of fun was had - leading O to say tonight that it was his favourite place. to which i said, "what about Little Ak?" to which he replied, "oh yeah, then 2nd favourite place.

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