Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blottle Ache night spin

Steve had txt'd saying he wasnt gonna make it, but others were to meet at the Sandpit. I rolled up in the Fiat, singlespd switchback on back, to find Warren and Tony. Then Pete, then Wayne rolled in.

We settled in nicely to the trails. Left is blocked, so went right. Had to wait for two poo-sucking trucks on the road to go past before we could cross, then chased a young rabbit for a while, and then as we climbed to the gazebo the stench of Portaloo juice we were bathed in was truly foul.

Fantastic blast ensued down the next bit and over round to the yump, which i had to do twice to get it right. then through and round and along the beach, further than usual, due to the Closed Road signage (and apparently, further in, fences and even barbed wire!). Along behind the dunes in the pines to the left hander that takes you back into the single track. Had fun in that section, taking all the trails no one ever takes, and zooming out in front of whoever was coming on the usual trail. Then down the ramp, spun round, headed back along to a short break, all commenting on how balmy it was.

Then into the ex-burned bit, jumpy jumpy, along, round, through, stopped to watch a possum I nearly hit on the trail climb a tree, then it was back round past the Spencerville sign and heading for home. One bit riding no hands for as long as possible, not as easy as Mcleans - thats for sure. All the while i was thinking, this is great! Singlespeed simplicity and not pushing too hard but going hell for leather at the same time. Really enjoyed being back on the dirt again, even it was it was a bit splecky puddly and sandy.

The commute seems to have given me more stamina, if not more power, and i was just floating along on the rigid single all evening's ride. Good fun. As usual, a damned sight better than sitting in front of the telly.

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