Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tuesday night Worsley muckfest

Pete picked me up in the Falcoon and we roared across to Worsley Rd, finding foggy mist at the top. No one else showed, so we headed on up the trail, the mud slowly building up on our tires, traction getting less and less as we climbed, to the point where we couldn't actually ride any more... this added with fog half blinding me led to spates of on, spates of off, but finally we managed to get to the bottom of the body bag, my tires looking like Surly Pugsley wheels - the mud being scraped off by the fork arch to make a nice big (heavy) rounded form.

A little further up and we began our descent, picking up some very interesting lines. Halfway down we turned around and rode back up again, to a highpoint, just for the fun of it, and then back on down. Below the powerlines we took the right hand line down over the drop and it was sweeeeet. Chuffed back up to the rest and flowed out back to the mainline, mud picking and flicking up again back out to the car.

a damp, misty spin, but well worth the effort. good to get up the hill again.

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