Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Lapping up the nun

As is often the case, Pete picked me up just before 6 and we Falconned up to the Kiwi, finding Steve, Tony and Warren. Off up the road we headed, Pete and me both a bit more enthusiastic than the rest. Felt easy and smooth riding up the road, regrouping just before we hit the dirt.

First descent, got going, and immediately felt a bit wobbly, steering all over the place, but the recent trailwork made for smooth runnings and plenty speed. Popped the odd jump and swerved my way down. At the halfway mark I figured i'd just keep at it, and bombed it on down the whole way. Looking back up the road i could see the others all pulled out at the halfway exit, so i started my slog back up the road to catch the others. Pete was waiting and we caught the others just up round the corner. On up the road, a little more tired this time.

Second descent, I put my seat right down, thinking it might improve my form. it didnt. too low there's nothing to feed off. anyway. Not a bad run, possibly faster in bits, possibly not in others. Popped out the halfway exit and we regrouped for the climb back up.

Third descent, seat at its usual just lower than climbing height and it was much better, except this time I had wobbly balance issues, twice nearly losing it into the bank, one time even having to slam on the brakes and nearly dabbing to a stop. Otherwise there was speed and fun to be had, tho in the lower rocky section I wasn't as on form as the previous runs. On down the lower section, not nearly as good as the first time, blew a couple of bits nearly losing it, but got out the end safely.

Regrouped and drove home. Lots of other lights out there tonight. Good to see. And the new work on the trail is sweet, to the point of the only thing holding the speed back was light.

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