Sunday, May 22, 2011

Short Sunday to Planting

Early start, i drove to Charlesworth St with the Singlespeed and parked up. Jumped on and rode to Steve's for the 8.10 start, meeting him, Tony and Wayne, followed soon after by Pete. We headed back the way i'd come, hooking up with Andy and Jenna along the rugged slumped and cracked riverside opposite Charlesworth St. We rode on round behind the Ferrymead industria, enjoying the skipping and dodging of the cracks all the way round.

Then it was round to Mt Pleasant Rd and up. Nice crank up here, Jenna doing very well for her 3rd ever hill, and thinking she wasnt going to make it.

At Craigieburn we pulled off and headed down. Fun wee descent, bit greasy in places, with mown grass detritus greasing it up moreso. Brief stop on the bridge halfway down, allowing Jenna to tumble off, and we were off again, down cleaning up the switchbacks and blazing down into the sun on the last bits, cautious about cracks tho.

Then it was round McCormacks Bay, and then back round the Ferrymead Historic side of the river, along the path and then back to Charlesworth St to Trees For Canterbury to grab some gloves before heading to the planting. T dropped the boys off and swapped cars and we helped plant around 1300 plants.

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