Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sat Bottlo with kids, Sunday Sumner Cafe run

On Saturday, Tom, Tane, my boys and me went to Bottle Ache for a spin. O on his bike, H on the tagalong. was good, nice day, fun for the boys with Tane speeding off out front and O desperately trying to keep up. Ran into a guy on a Jeff Jones (Steel Space Frame), wicked machine, but surprisingly more heavy than i'd expected. first i've seen in the flesh. very cool.

Sunday, showers coming through and all the hill tracks closed, so we (Wayne, Wazza, Andy and me) assembled at Steve's and we road cruised out to Slumner to look at all the rock falls and scoured clean cliffs. Dot Com for coffee and back. managed to avoid any rainfall, even tho T said just after i'd left it had pissed down. i saw a rainbow on my way over to Steve's but didnt get wet. :thumbsup:

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