Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday Hunting Traverse Nun Worsles.

Good ride today. Big posse assembled at Steve's as usual. There was a Wayne, a Warren, a Dallas, a Tony, an Andy, a Pete and a Steve. We toodled through the frosty air to Ramahana, Aotea and on up the hill. Steve struggling with his pains, everyone else really glad to be out on the bike and on the hills, especially on such a nice day.

Approaching the top of the hill and we spotted Sandals, Jandals and Helment, aka Marie, Ben and Mark, on the traverse above, on their way to meeting us. Traverse was a great blast, flying down the downs and generally enjoying the crap out of it. Everybody had a good run round there. Then onto to Thompsons, great blast on the odd greasy bit, especially on the second half.

Up road to top of Nun, where, after a big regroup, i led off. First corner nearly got me, the trail was sketchy greasy to start with and carrying all that slop into the rocks could have proved nasty. But, survived and continued, Mark appearing on my tail at the next bend. I hauled up to let him by, but then kept it rolling and he was complaining about bald tires, so figured i'd be okay out front, and was, i think, not holding him up to much. Pretty good run down most of it, even getting through my usual troublesome rocky bits okay.

The lower half was only sampled by myself, Mark and Pete. the others all bailed out half way. The lower half was sweeeet. On the second of the big swoopy uppy bits there was some fresh dirt with a nasty looking rut in it. Managed to stay on, i think it was kinda soft so it didnt have too much bite in it. From there tho, the jumps were sweet, with some clearance been done along the trail sides opening it up nicely. good air time on the first couple.

Back up the road and we met the others all at the top of Worsleys. Fanged the first bit then into the B-line. Sweeeeeeetness in their taking it all in. Then down the road and the sideline to the bottom and home round the river and through town, all splitting our separate ways as we progressed.

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