Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesday spinning Mcleans

Pete picked me up. We picked up Matt and drove to Mcleans Island. There, we met a shitload. Andy, Wayne, Warren, Dallas, Steve, Tony, Rex. 11 in all. All lit up, we rode around the trails. Spin spin spin, corner, spin, corner, spin. No tecknuckle challengement present whatsoever. Exercise is all its about out there. I led a posse peeled left at the "River Loop", chasing forever to catch the others at the overpass and steaming pond. Patches of frost around the place, and not-freezing and freezing patches of air around too. Took the Coringa Loop east and round and over the pass, another regroup there again. Then the final blast through. Rex sat in 36:12 on my tail for the whole second half. I spun out and wore my legs down the whole way. Pete said he was burning his legs off too.

Good to get out, tho the hills are more interesting.

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