Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday morning Crocodiling

Had an 11ish family thing, yet another family we know heading for the north due to Red Zoned house, so got going early, made 8.30am over to where everyone was intending to meet at 9.20, ie Cashmere Rd entrance to Quarry Park. Headed in and immediately hung a right and up the ridge via and to the zigs and zags up to the road, then up road and onto what was once called New Tasty on up along next to Kennedy's Track. Big cluster of riders back at the car park and i'd seen them from the hill above as they were entering the croc. anyway. singletrack towards Siberia, getting off and walking around a very sloppy fresh cow excretion near the top, and encountering numerous of the culprits hanging around and trying to staunch me out at the top.

9am, turned tail and bombed it down, bypassing previously mentioned slop, then fanging down down down. excellent run down to the previously mentioned cluster now assembled at top of Crocodile. gudday gudday and i kept on flowing blazing round the upper hairpins, roosting down the straights, enjoying myself thoroughly with my soundtrack of Das Racist. Pulled over several times to let uphillers past, quite a few large groups of them. finished off, blowing the climby bit, and down through pines and back out to car park, 9.10amish, and 5 minutes later Pete turned up, then another few mins and everyone else, all told, Steve, Tony, Andrew, Marie and Wayne.

As a group we headed left up the hill climbing something steep as steep is, for them cold from start, and then coasted down to bottom of Croc, then back down into valley, up same ridge as i'd done prior. Biiig regroup, nice restful catchup in the shade at the gate before the final wee zigzags, which everyone cleaned and on up the road and onto the singletrack. Good climb up here, dabbing same spot as previously, and once again bypassing the cowshit again (now with several less careful people's tiretreads in attendance), and regrouping in the minefield of cowbombs around the gate.

Off over Siberia, fun wee blast, chasing yet another group of riders, get to the bottom and no Marie... Steve went one way we all the rest of us went back up singletrack finding Marie busy pumping. Low airpressure, not a flat, no probs... So, i consulted my watch and decided i needed to split, it being just after 10. So. Said my goodbyes and bombed off down again. Much better second time round, catching several people during the descent, and not so many climbers to give way to. Blew the climby bit again, oh well, and loved the rest of it, back to car with plenty time to get home. Good couple laps for me, and i think the others were gonna foff off a couple too.

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