Thursday, February 09, 2012

Welcome, Surly Troll

Welcome to my stable, Surly Troll, enlisted into service yesterday as my new commuter. Frame and fork combo purchased from Velo Ideale, I transfered pretty much all of the Kona Bike parts across to it: Front wheel, handlebars, stem, headset, cranks and main cog, mudguards. I bought a Shimano Alfine 8spd and bits off CRC and Wiggle, laced that 2-cross into the rim (with spokes cut and threaded by Velo-Ideale)(setting the 3spd aside for a future project for T's townie). Plus a new BottomBracket (the Troll is 73mm shell whereas the Bike was only 68mm). Did a lot of the transfer last friday night, then built the wheel and did the rest on Tuesday night when we got back from
Finished Product

I had gotten a 20t with the Alfine when it shipped, but even on the way to work yesterday i realised it was too easy, too spinny in top, so swung by VeloIdeale and grabbed an 18t which i installed last night (as well as some Salsa grips). Test rode it on the school run today and its way better (brought my mtnbike to work today cos riding tonight - will post about that later).

So, some gear geekery, thanks to Sheldon Brown.
On the old 3spd, i was running a 42:16t, which yeilded a gear-inch range of 47.1 to 89.0.
The Alfine with 42:20t, gave a range of 27.5 to 84.3 g.i.,
whereas with the 42:18 i'm getting 30.6 to 93.7, which is much better.
I think this will be plenty low enough for the odd hill climb, considering my 38:18 singlespeed is 55.8 g.i., and i can clamber up stuff like Rapaki and Dyers Pass Rd no problem with that.
For another comparison, the Cotic, running 36 and 24 up front with a 11-32t rear cluster gives me a 19.8 to 86.4 range.

Here's the delicious Alfine

And a view of the cockpit

Can you see the creative mudguard hanger??? (a 22t front chainring pressed into service)

(several weeks later)
One or two teething / breaking-in problems have been solved, the main one being the headset... i hadnt installed the top bearing race the right way up and as a result had been enduring some clunk plus some stiffness. fixed that and she's buttery smooth now.
The other issue was rear spokes... After about a week, one night i was riding to a meeting and the rear wheel got all floppy, with quite a few spokes having worked loose. I carry a spoke tool with me tho, and have given the wheel a couple of good goings over, tightening and keeping true(enough), and there's been no issues for a couple weeks now.

Other than that, has been riding beautifully.

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Aushiker said...

Nice clean build you have there. Good to see a different take on the build of the Surly Troll. Enjoy the new ride :)