Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday night Worsle Dye Nunning

Due to technicalities with work, Nelson kindly swung by and picked me up, then we battled traffic back to my place, changed, re-rimtaped my flat rear wheel, patched it, pumped it, then progressed across the dismantling cityscape to park up top of Worsleys Road by maybe 6.30pm - thinking probably an hour of light left, but not to worry, we had our lights. Hit the track on up and felt reasonably good for a start. By half way i was wheezing, and by the top i walked albeit shortly. At least there was a nice refreshing breeze up top. Nelson, of course, middle ringed the whole damned thing.

Top of the 'Nun, i took first turn on the down. Couple interesting new features after the top rocky droppy corner, first jump a little bitey, the second nicely flowable, then i was a bit skittery in places, but mostly pretty good. Nelson had a pretty average first round. The blast out the bottom was good, and we hit the road back up. Sun still lighting up various bits of hills. Bit of an effort making the top again, but survived and then donned a longsleeve at the top, as well as putting my light on my helmet ready for later.

Nelson led off on the second round, and i stuck to his tail nicely, enjoying having him set my speed, which was plenty fast. Sometimes i'd gain on him, but only now and then he'd gap me slightly and i'd reel him back in. We both had a very good run this time round, burnin' and blazin' the whole way down. At the bottom, light was getting pretty dim, but we hit the Old Dyers down, just to get a good hit of the top section, loving the flowy nature of it. Light was slightly difficult, but not dark enough for our lights. Turned around just after that little gulchy bit followed by a short climb, where the old 4wd track kinda used to end. Climbed back up and was surprised at how mellow that was except for the tricky traction just as you approach the road.

Back up the road, my light on low in order to be seen, to top of Worsley and i think it was here that it was 8pm. Lights on, and down, Nelson first, me getting nothing but a view of his dust and eating it too. Sharp right, and i went first up the access to the sweet forest, which was most definitely interesting and fun under lights. Been a long time. Weird bug activity going on in there too, millions of cranefly type things hanging around the ground. Good run down the trail, meeting one guy on his way up under lights, and then an excellent run down the lower section with the awesome drop and the sweet steeps, then grunt up and into the final section, nelson leading firstly, then me after the water tank.

All up a good ride, feeling fit-ish.

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