Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Night Snake road Godley Snake

Nelson met at mine after work and we treadled over to Pete's to find him and Alistair loading the bikes on the falcon. Out, on bumpy as roads, we drove to Taylor's Mistake, meeting there Warren, Wayne, Tony, Steve, Matt, Dallas. A good posse, we headed up the snakes tail, after first leaping the barrier and clambering up through a nasty stench of something dead in the bush at the start of the trail. Good haul up this first section, everybody hoping seismic activity stayed minimal what with all the rocks above the track the reason its shut... within no time we're up in the safe zone and spinning well round to the start of the snake proper. I lead off, under pressure to keep up the pace, Nelson tight on my tail. My chain played up as i passed over that rutty bit and he got past me here. From here up he gapped me but then i held on and kept roughly the same distance from him the rest of the way up. Pete was keeping pretty even with me too, til further up the top. So we all reassembled at Breeze Col, the order something like, Nelson, Me, Pete, Warren, Wayne, Matt, followed by Steve Tony and Dallas but i'm not sure in what order.

From here we jetted off round the road cos we figured it was gonna get dark reasonably early and we didnt want to be riding up singletrack in daylight and back on singletrack as it was getting dark... So a nice cruise round the road, Nelson and me kinda pushing a bit harder out the front. When we got to Evans I just hauled ass straight up onto the singletrack, hitting at a speed i've never hit it before, actually catching air on the cattlestop entry to the track... Then it was knuckling down into one or two off Granny and hitting up the first rocky section ... and cleaning it! Yeah bol! but then losing it on the next section round the corner, boo! Nelson dabbed on the first bit but then juuuust about cleaned the second bit. We hung and waited a bit as the boys all turned up and Pete hit it and cleaned it all!!! yeah! Others had reasonable passes and failures but no one lived up to Pete's effort.

From here it was funtimes, rocky interestingness all the way up out this first section of the Godley track. Awesome cleaning of everything thrown at most of us. Nelson and me keeping up the pace the whole way, brief regroup at the high point (of previous couple of rides), Warren commenting on the noticeable lack of wind compared to our previous visit to the spot. Next bit down hill, flow ON. bit of up round to the cattle/sheepstop and into the slightly rutted, overgrown and sheep pellet scattered trail downhill flow ON again from here. Excellent w00t! inspiring descent to Livingston Col, tho i noticed my bike becoming increasingly rattly as i approached the bottom. Just prior to departure for the next section i discovered why! My front quick release was entirely loose!!! yikes.

Onward up for the last jaunt to Breeze Col. Good climb, excellent flowy round to the PFMTBC Rock which i hit the fastest i've ever hit it. Flew over it. out to the road, and another regroup, watching them all flow round and over the rock (or not!).

The final fling, off down the Anaconda, blazing. Fresh in my memory from 2 weeks ago i flew down here, feeling smooth and taking it all wickedly. Flew over the jumps and railed the berms better than ever before. Was awesome.

Brief regroup and off down the tail, enjoying the odd rocky challenge, then climbing the fence at the end, and getting some looks from a couple of older riders who obviously weren't game to take on the Closed sign.

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