Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, turd verse, same as the first

Goodish sized posse assembled at Steve's, being myself, Tony, Pete, Marie, Wayne and Andy. We toodled around to Ramahana and proceeded to pretty much follow exactly, but not quite, the ride that Nelson, Becs and me rode Wednesday, and nearly precisely the same ride as this group had ridden last Sunday.

Road work was fine, as was the dirt, felt pretty good most of the way up, and everybody else seemed to cope quite nicely too. Massive groups of riders all over the place once we hit the top. Proceeded off round the Traverse ahead of a few, and quickly caught, and was stuck behind some other guys for a bit, but eventually they let us past and we rocketshipped the whole way round due to the awesome tail wind.

Into the Thompsons and lots of riders to start with, lower section was fine, then it was another regroup at Kiwi and off up the road, joking, yet again, with some other riders at the location of the previous week's fisticuffs.

I led off down the nun, and fairly caned it. Seemed to be very much on form, tho there was one moment when i thought i was gonna drop a wheel into a drainage ditch, balance issues, and the adrenalin that kicked in nearly gave me the shakes. Lower section was at warp speed.

Up the road past the Thompsons and into Vic park, back and forth on Coffeebreak, then i went over the seesaw and popped a few of the Brakefreedom before peeling across to the rockgarden into the gummies where i zigged right out then back and hung that quick left down the cool wee trail with the funky corner in it. It felt really bright in there today. proceeded on round over the wee log jump and then blatted the final back into the Skidder site. We had a long regroup here and chatted with Ranger Nick Singletrack who was working on the new pump track up there.

Next it was into Shazza's Dazza's and a swift descent into Brents where Pete, Andy and me paused and waited. And waited. and eventually heard the others. No idea where they'd gotten to. Anyway, off into the Flow and Bridges, fantastic riding being done, before the final blast down the rocky valley track, and into the HiddenValleyPylonLink up to Oldskool which was just as shitty as last time, but oh boy was the riding nice. being able to see in broaddaylight was definitely better than darkness.

Finally, out Bowenvale valley and round to the gardencentrecafe for a well earned coffeeeee. I was home just a smidge after 1.

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