Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tuesday nearly repeat of Thursday prior

Nelson and me 'rona'd to the top of Worsley's again, landing about 20 odd minutes before the others were due. We hit the trail straight up, huffing and chuffing our way up to the bottom of the body bag, track getting slightly greasier as we climbed. i was dying, again, with a wheeze i couldn't shake. Hung a left and up to top of the sweet trail, and headed down. Very greasy in patches, and dry as a bone in others. Nice cruise down, stopping for a chat with an old friend of Nelson's who was walking in training for a hunting trip in Fiordland. On down we went, catching a rider who'd passed us whilst chatting. Passed him around that big rock that doesnt have a nice flow over anymore, and on we went, dropping him. Above the pylons we could hear voices and engines revving down on the main track. Hung the left just after the pylon clearing and flowed down the next section and out to the gate (as opposed to the fun droppy bit). I rang Steve and learned they were up just above the pylons, so we skedaddled up to them for the second climb.

Caught most of them (Steve, Andy, Tony and Marie) at two 4wds driven by some youngsters. We headed on up, catching Warren a little further on. On upwards and met Nelson's friend again, stopping to chat while each of the team rode past us. Caught them all again and reassembled at the trail junction again. Nelson headed on up the body bag and the others declared they were just doing the B-line, so we parted ways and i chased Nelson, failing the top of the 'bag again.

We headed to the top of Nun and hit it. It was greasy in places. Our tires picked up a bit of greasy dirt, and the rocks were all coated in greasy dirt from tires, and so whenever they contacted each other they slipped. Technical, and a couple of times scary, especially the top droppy corner. i baulked out of it, turned back and took the pussy route. Wasn't game on crashing on it. The rest was okay, slightly tacky in a couple places, but the rocky sections were pretty sketchy.

Lower section, with the jumps, i'm following Nelson at a distance, come round a bend, and his light is shining back at me, from beyond one of the jumps, off the side of the track, he's lying there, his bike on the track. hmmm... he'd cased it, smacked his head a bit. but not too bad, a sore neck i think. and his stem had turned a little. We rode out and he fixed that and we headed back up the road, deciding not to do another lap of the Nun.

Top of Worsley, body bag was pretty good, not as greasy as we'd expected, then into Bline, second time round, and a much better run. Again, greasy in spots, sliding about a bit, a few both wheel slides. This time we took the fun droppy lower section, chugged back up from there then down through to the water tank and beyond, exploring a little below there too. There are oodles of trails in there, but they seem to go all up and down and weird. One day they'll be good to explore.

Finally, out to the car about 8, and headed for home via a Number 3 and a Number 7 at Noodle Canteen which we ate at my place.

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