Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday nearly repeat of last Sunday - 500th

Poast Numbre 500!?

Silhouetta silly hatters...

Good ride this morning. Pete and me Falcooned to Taylors to meet Pony, Draino and The Rabbit Warren. We hit straight into it up the road to the singletrack lefthander, most delayering just over the stile before the grunty little, traction impaired climb. I cleaned about 90% of it this time, vs the 60odd last week on the singletrack. Extra gears does a better climber make. Couple stops for breathers and we got to the road and gravelled up to the actual road where we hung a right and blatted round to Evan's Pass.

Mt Herbert beyond Livingston Col

The Pushermen

Straight into the singletrack, with a good pace launching me through the air landing just before the cattlestop. Round the corner and into the climb. The rocky bit got me twice. Got everyone else too. In fact, i dont think anybody had a good 'entry' today. On around the hillside clambering over the slippery rocks, hopping and popping with the best of them, dabbing periodically but generally enjoying it all. Fantastic clear day, sun shining, sea sparkling, skylarks chittering away above. Trail was in good nick, no real mud, just wetness on the rocks.

Descent to Livingston was sweet, seems to have been cleaned a little, there's definitely a noticeable three or five rocks missing on the lower reaches. Another good clamber over to Breeze, everybody cruising the 'pfmtbc rock' and me getting my squirrel on on the final cattlestop.

Shot the breeze for a while at Breeze, then hit the singletrack out to the end. All the way this time, and realised its a long while since i'd been that far out. Nice run back and straight into the 'conda, blatting around the tops and then really hanging it out on the lower bits.

Finished with a sweet flow of the 'tail. Everybody agreeing that's a nice bit of track.

No coffees stopped for, and home by 12.

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