Friday, June 01, 2012

Thursday Night Worsley Nun McVicar

Nelson then Bec got to mine by 6 and we headed across town and up hill in Bec's car. Parked up top of Worsley's Rd, a la previous weeks, passing a surprising number of riders on the way up.

Hit the dirt, and made the usual progress, Nelson gapping me gapping Bex. A couple of regroups and Becs had a nice tumble (unseen by either of us others) onto rocks in one of the many ruts. Nelson, as usual cleaned the body bag, and i, as usual, didnt. Bec made a good effort and didnt quite either. Then i powered ahead up to top of Nun impressing Nelson with my burst of power.

I led off first round, having a pretty good blast of it, Nelson gaining and dropping accordingly depending on the terrain, and we let Bex catch up at the carpark before blasting the last section. Then it was back up the road at a good steady pace back to the top for round two. Nelson took the lead this time, and i sat right on his tail the whole way down, which was fun, and he enjoyed having my handlebar mounted light providing extra beam and shadow-discernability for him.

At the bottom, we had a wee 'incident'. A car turned onto Summit Rd from Dyers Pass Rd, lights dipped, but as he crossed the cattlestop he put them on beam (and he had a bunch of floodlights mounted 'rally style' on the front (which was the first sign that he was a dickhead)), and so Nelson turned his light on in the guy's face. He handbrake-skidded to a stop, and got out of his car mouthing off like something mouthy wearing a big ugly holden shirt/jacket thing. Nelson backchatted a bit and this dickhead tried to getup in his face, but couldnt quite, cos Nelson's light was still on. What a dick. Gagging for a scrap which Nelson wasnt having any of, so ended up eventually going back to his car. Nelson said something like, "go be a fuckwit further up the road" or "go fuck off up the road" to which the guy tried to get more scrap-mileage out of, saying "you calling me a fuckwit?" - "Are you calling me a fuckwit?" Then, back in his car he's revving his engine, and Nelson says "so, what, you gonna do a burn out now?" and the guy says "What? So you can report me?" (at least he knows his law, i suppose...) and then finishing with a total fail, he stalls his car trying to drive off, so we all laughed. Fucking human pollution.

Anyway, we rode on back up the road, (following the dickwipe, and hoping he's not at the top of Worsley), and on the way Becs gets a call from a friend who's crashed her car this day and the driver of the other car has tried to drag her out of her car! meanwhile, Nelson towed Bec up the road while she was on the phone...

Top of Worsley, thankfully no dickhead in residence, so we jetted down the bodybag with great rapidity as usual, and then plugged our way to the top of the sweet forest track, a first time for Bex. I led in on an easy going pace, just rolling and cruising through the top bends. A wee ways in Nelson stopped to top up his rear tire, and on we went. Bec enjoyed it for her first time but reckoned she might have trouble following it all next time. We stopped where Nelson crashed last time and then tried the rock drop just after it, which rolls nicely. I'll definitely incorporate it into my next time down there. I led them, once below the powerline corridor, through my 'lower right' trails that take you back across the 4wd track onto the better descent that has all the cool drops in it. Becs struggled on that one really steep corner with roots and trees near the bottom but otherwise did really well.

Back up the access track and Bex's light cut out, so attached Nelson's spare battery and she was good to go again. Then into the last section, detouring right just before the watertank down a new line that hooks back onto the main trail and out. Nelson and my head lights were both on Red by the time we got to the car too. Home after 9.

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