Monday, May 20, 2013

Lack, thereof...

Since Craigieburn, a meeting on Tuesday night followed by bad weather since has put a stop to any rides, with few chances in the coming week looking particularly promising, forecast-wise. 

Last week did see a lot of tooling about town however.  Monday, errands took me an extra 10km around town to usual, Tuesday I added an extra 20 or so, and then another 10 or so on Wednesday.  Saturday night i biked across town (13km total) for frivolities at Chez deSpa.  Not to mention all the running of the dog around the river loops of a morning or four - that chucks in another 6 to 8 kms unaccounted for also.

Yesterday should have seen us doing a short ride to Charlesworth Reserve to plant some Trees for Canterbury, but alas, postponed to next Sunday.

On Monday night last I took the 1.5/1.75 slicks off the Troll and put a 2.35 Larson TT on the front, and a 2.3 Kenda K-rad on the back.  Balloon-stylez.  PHAT AS.  Far more sureity of footing in the dodgy conditions of late, with the main reason for it being the crap roads in my neighbourhood.  I've largely gotten used to them now, and figure if i'm pushing harder, it's making up for not riding the 20kms a day to and from Sockburn.  Dont seem to be pushing that much harder tho.  Am keen to eventually buy some purpose built slicks along the lines of the Big Apples.

Hopefully a ride of sorts can be cobbled together tomorrow or Thursday...

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