Sunday, May 05, 2013

swtchbckr, 8. Sunday morning View Hill struggle, mountain walking.

This Blog, 8 years old, today... like sweet singletrack, 's been a long and ever wending journey

Took the Singlespeed over to the bach Friday, thinking i'd be riding on my own at some stage and figuring it's good for me to work it.  On Saturday, Tom, Lisa and Tane came over, so Sunday morning Tom and me headed out.  I knew i was in trouble as soon as the climb started.  Tom powered away with his gears, and i struggled away behind, getting all the way up to Chorlton eventually, then on up the gravel.  As soon as the real steepness started i had to get off and walk.  And walk.  And walk and walk and walk...  Rode occasionally when it flattened out now and then but sure walked a bunch.  Including bits i've ridden the singlespeed on before.

View from the top was, as usual, spectacular.  and then the descent began.  Rigid steel under me pinging away, providing a damned good work out, while not being too rough.  Picked up some good speed on the smoother gravel lower down, then we aero-styled it the rest of the way down into the bay.  Couple hours all up.  shame about the walking...

Once back at the bach, we took the boys and the dogs down to the beach, and had a bit of a dip in the sea.  VERY cold, but was bloody good for the legs - standing there chucking a stick for the dogs to swim after.

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