Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Toosday inappropriate bike night to trip meeting

Nelson picked me up from mine and we drove to Marie's house, him with his townie superslicked singlespeed and me with my townie Troll, just for a laff...  we skedaddled over to Steve's to meet the others, arriving just as Warren and Robin were sneaking round the back of the roadblocked church on the corner, and just as Pete arrived, and so we merrily clusterfucked Ainsley Tce round to the bottom of CrapHappy.  First time up here for whole year, the gearing on the Troll just right.

Right from the start, Nelson just jetted off on his tall gear ahead.  I ground away, feeling the extra weight of the Troll, but still managing a good pace.  Gate at top of trees Pete and me stopped and waited for Wazza and Robin to regroup then we took off and I never saw them again til the top, Nelson long gone.  Full moon rose and set and rose and set on the hill all the way up, providing good light in places, making for small (rack mounted) light necessary only when idiots were riding down the hill towards us.  Quite a few other riders out, and i managed to pass a fair number of them, probably surprising them with my full 'guards and racks.  Bloody strong (b)easterly blowing, pushing us up the hill but then cooling it right down up top for the wait.  Nelson had been there forever.

Off up round Vernon, me thinking maybe the gear wouldn't suit, but it was sweet, following Warren and chatting all the way up.  Even the two small pinches were (Al)fine.  And traction, with the balloon tires was totally fine all the way up and around too.

Onto the Traversii and traction was good again, Nelson pinging his way around in the rocky sections, me very wary, but we kept a good tailwind clip all the way round, Pete backing off under Sugarloaf and then hauling me in to the end, and the welcome shelter of the trees.  Regrouped here and then headed off down Coffeebreak and then i went the 4wd trail, not trusting the cumbersome nigh-on-gripless Troll through the gums, while the others hit the start of Sesame St and then peeled into the gums.  On the steep 4wd section before the skidder my brakes weren't actually holding me back, and even under full pressure i was still accellerating - disconcerting!  I readjusted them at the skidder site, knowing i'd be needing them on the roads below.  It definitely helped.

At the 19th Batt. War Memorial we met Andrew, who'd toodled up wondering whether he'd meet us, and we all blazed down the road, down Hackthorne, Dyers and round into Marie's house.  Steve was here and Alister turned up and we discussed the October Nelson Trip over one or two beers, and fantastic pizza creations of Marie's.

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