Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Eastern Sunny Fun Day.

Plan was to leave Steve's at 8.45 or DotCom at 9.15.  I opted for the latter, and so made my way across there in the Subie, spotting Wayne parked up as I rounded McCormack's Bay, so, parked with him and found my tire flat.  Changed the tube and the others, Steve, Andy and Tony, arrived and we rode on round to Sumner, knowing Marie would be ahead of us up Richmond Hill, up which we duly pedalled.  Layers off at 2nd hairpin and on ever upwards, then up off road, Steve led me up the garden path and the others on the main track were faster and Steve and me suffered slightly.  Marie was spotted on the ridge yonder, so we treadled on upwards to her, meeting her on the gravel near the shearing shed. 

Out up to the trees, then over the road and up the 4wd track that crosses Greenwood, it seemingly never ending, tho not as horridible as I'd remembered it.  On past the track crossing and up to the fence for a short rest while we regrouped.  I led the way up the next section, tussocks much easier to see round at climbing speed, and feeling really good, getting everything further than ever before, before finally dabbing, losing balance, stumbling, dabbing and generally being quite un-co.  Ground up the last bit to the stile and another well earned regroup.  Off again and cleaned it all, including basically falling off the track and somehow riding it out.  Massive group under the antennae, awaiting our arrival.

Off again, down, ripping down the gravel, and through the off camber onto the dirt then weaving and ducking, rolling and pumping our ways round and down to the bottom where we thought we might head up to the gondola but then decided we wouldnt.  A group of the hardcore Gov's bay crew, who obviously hadnt been out this way for a while, asked about the trail we'd just come down, not having known of its existence.  Told them it was good to go, and then saw them a couple times later.

Off up the road now, then onto John Britten, sidling around, taking the low line at the rocky up and then meandering across back on track and over and round and regrouping to roll down the road and into Greenwood.  Lots of work done through the first section, which was definitely showing the wear and tear of winter, and is now supremely good, armouring in most of the right places, and tight bits really opened up.  blazed on round and had a bite to eat at the ruins.  Saw the Gov'sBay guys up the hill, heading over to the gun emplacements. 

I led the way off down Greenwood, straight away putting on the pace and really feeling pretty good.  Riding lightly over the rocky sections, I made good time round to the 'gulch, where i paused til the others were coming through, then off again, fast again, bike, trail and me in a zen state of oneness, back and forth, slow through the wet bits to avoid excessive splecking, then after the wee creek I paused again til i saw the others round the corner and dip through the holey dips.  Off again, faster and floatier than before, one of my favourite sections, truth be told, and changed at just the right moment to roll and pedal through the rocky up, then no worries through the second and it was wafty swoopy out the rest.  Once we'd regrouped, the Gov's bay crew arrived, having had come down the old ridge trail...  They headed off down the Captain ahead of us, and Marie (who took the road down - tired and didnt want to crash) said they cleaned every single bit.

We headed off down the Captain, and walked the first usual, then in the doublewhammy, i got the first one but as i lined up the second I started heading in the wrong direction so bailed and walked it, and then Andrew following took a line i'd never seen before, and cleaned it down no worries.  He got in front then, and proceeded to clean a couple other climby bits and got well ahead til the end of the old and start of the new, where we stopped and regrouped, yet again.  Off down the zigs and zags, rolling nicely through the hairpins and then slowly (again) through all the mud, which was still bad, but less so than last couple times.  Cleaned the creek nicely, no splashy splashy, but then wronggeared on the climb and stalled.  Andrew splashy splashied...  Finally, out, and up the road and then the speed down the last of Evan's Pass Rd got all the mud off the tires, and all over my glasses, my beard, my shirt...  Passed the Gov's guys alongside the container wall, and headed in for a coffee at DotCom.

Final neck of the ride, well paced road haul round to McCormacks.  Feelin' good.

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