Thursday, September 05, 2013

Wednesday night mucky nutters

Too damned long between rides, with every excuse under the sun (and rain) to ruin my opportunities to get out on the bike...  anyway, finally, i'd been in Hamilton for a couple days, and landed around 6pm, got home and Nelson was there and we changed and took separate cars (me with the dog and the BFe) and headed out to Mcleans Island.  A good southerly stoush had washed through so things were pretty wet, and puddly.  Set a good pace and Jet ran out front then between us then behind us and taking turns in those positions.  Nelson led most of the way, i took one short turn out front.  Bikes and asses got super mucky and grindy.  Took the extra 5km loop out and back as well as the main and were done in maybe an hour.  Good for the aerobic fitness, and great for Jet, he had fun.  A very mucky wet dog with mud on his face and a big grin on his chops.

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