Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mucky Sunday Bottle Jet Lake

Rain came in from the north scuppering our chances of doing the Blowhard track as planned, so the decision was made to postpone to next week. I wasnt up for the wet ride across to Steve's on the off chance of not getting up the hill, so i chucked Jet in the car, the singlespeed on the back, and we headed out to Bottle Lake listening to the 9am news on the way.  Pretty wet, not much rain from above, but soaking-as tracks allowing for plenty of spleck from below, causing all sorts of issues for my eyes the rest of the day.  We both got nice and mucky and had a right old time.  He ran and ran and ran, i spun and spun and spun, overtaking the occasional person i met, like maybe 3 (not many people out there today).  Annoyingly, tyre rub on frame every time i stood up and kranked it hard...  worst bit was climbing up to the gazebo.  Took an hour or so, right round the outside and we were back to the carpark, hosed off the sand and mud and back in the car home by 10.30.

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