Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Arvo Worsley Jet ride.

Left home at five to 4 with Jet in the car and headed up Worsley's, parking at the top of the road.  Jet chomping at the bit, we got going straight up the main track.  Passed a couple guys just after the powerlines, having seen them struggling on the ruts from when i was lower down.  Up round the corner, into major rocky ruttsville, no worse than last time a month or so ago with Nelson, but our rock placements had been somewhat wrecked, and that was the only place i blew in that section.  Cleaned up everything else, until, as we got up near the turn off to B-line-ville Jet was through the fence and i was calling him over and heading across towards him i had a weird crash.  My front wheel stopped suddenly on the edge of a rut and my positioning was all out of whack and i ended up ON the handlebars, balanced, on my chest, for a second, legs out behind me in the air, hovering, then toppled back (almost back onto my seat), never hitting the ground.  bloody hurt the chest, and smacked my knee on something too, then, when i'd righted myself again i had stars in my eyes, and took a minute to get my breath back...

Off up the entry to B-lineage, and off down the Original to the right.  taking it slowly to start, gradually getting into the flow and picking up speed as i headed down.  By-passed Fightclub and headed through the pylon clearing on down, clearing a piece of windthrow on the trail, then off down to the right down the old favourite and out the bottom.  Straight back up and up the middle steep bastard forestry trail, all the way back up to the clifftop, then on up the way i'd come down to the top where Tommy's peels off and down here, taking the trickier line to the right about 2/3rds of the way down, where a log was down and a new line had formed steep and into the rockgardens that are in there.  Then it was Fightclub, fantastic, really feeling on form, pumping and roosting, til lower down where a tree has landed ON the track.   A dabby scooting line above it then off down the final deeper forest section, steeper stuff, and nice lines all the way out to the bottom.

Then, finally, back up the access track, passing a couple guys, one with no chain (walking), and then up to the junction and off back down to the car via the normal route.  Happy dog, and happy me, 1 and quarter hours riding total.  All up an very slightly different format of this ride just over a month ago even the timing was similar.

AND, just this week, Cotic turns 10 years old.  Happy Birthday, Cotic.  I've been a Cotic owner for 5 years now.

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