Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sunday's Planting, Otukaikino / Omaka

Jumped on the Troll and got over to Pete's by 9, the others (Steve, Warren and Wayne) turning up not long after, and we all rode Avonside - Kilmore right across town to the park and through to Kilmarnock for to meet the railway path and Andrew and Tony, who'd very lazily driven there.  From here it was northbound, freight-training ourselves to the end of the line, Tuckers.  Onto Cavendish, Styx Mill, Gardiners, past the Crematorium and across to somewhere I hadnt been for 30 odd years, the entrance to Omaka Scout Camp.  Up the drive and along to the planting where we put in a shitload of natives alongside a path alongside the river/creek that flows on down into the Groynes.  Plant plant plant, scoff multiple sausages, and then it was back on the bikes, muchly a reverse our plantward journey, once again freighttraining hauling ass down the later stages of the railtrail, then through the park, taking Armagh through town, Steve peeling off at Barbadoes, and Pete and me sneaking off to Pom's for a quick pint, a delicious Liberty Sauvignon Bomb, a perfect way to finish the 35 odd kms under our belts... 

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