Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday mornin' Pleasant Nor'west Green Captains

Quick ride today.  Dropped O off in Lyttelton and then got myself to Ferrymead bridge to meet Andy and Wayne, with Marie somewhere ahead of us toodling up the hill.  We hit up St Andrew's, Marama into Cannon Hill Cres then through the park and on up Major Hornbrook to the top where we found her.  About 10 it was by then, and 10.05 when we cruised on up through Britten with Marie saying for us to just go on ahead, her intending on heading into Greenwood the old way, while we continued on around Britten, then as per Tuesday, back along the Summit Rd and up Broadleaf.  Good times from the top, with it reasonably fresh in memory from Tuesday, I certainly rode it smoother, not screwing up any of the tussocky corners.  Looked at my watch as we rolled down through the ruins, and it was half an hour then since we'd started out from the bottom of Britten. 

Awesome run down Greenwood, with Andy never too far off my tail.  Lost my chain in the upper rocky bits, but a quick reinstall and Andy holding back left me with a continued lead.  Excellent blast down the rest of it into Gloomy Gulch and below.  Then just above Dave's sections there were a couple of guys waiting, and Andy and me rode past them but then they jumped in between us and Wayno.  Good fang all the rest of the way down, with a bit of a dab through wrong gearing the first rocky up followed by a nice roll down the rest, to find Marie awaiting us.

Next, into Captain Thomas, with a runner chick paying more attention to her phone than the trail at hand getting run into by Wayne, after Andy and me had been past her.  They've cleaned up some sections lower down, including around the first of the rock challenges, but we met a big clusterfuck of other riders here and so had to walk down it anyway.  Next wee rocky up and down section is way tidier, and more likely to be rideable upwards, at a point where often we'd step off.  Thankfully, the two rocky challenges further down are still intact, and us first two cleaned them both no prob, but Wayne walked down the second one i think.  Final blast not bad, except for the silly bits near the very bottom.  11am here, we rolled down through the park and roads to Dot Com where we assembled for a coffee and snack.  Then I took off cos I had to be home before 12 to meet our housesitter.  The wind as I rounded into Moncks Bay was horrendous, having shifted from Nor'west to Southerly, i think, but not a cold on, and on the causeway it was coming at me from the left front quarter, making for a wearisome crossing.  Back to the car and was home well before 12.

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