Monday, December 22, 2014


No rides here, just never really got round to going over to Awaroa and back.  Lots of swimming and snorkling and paddling the canoe on the lagoon and in the sea and also at Awaroa Inlet.  Whilst walking one day over to Anapai we spotted about 6 bikers coming out of Gibbs Hill Track, which is meant to be closed to biking except during the same season as the Heaphy.  So, one morning, O and me got on our bikes and poked our noses up this, just for a look.  We probably only climbed about 50m and then conscience got the better of me and so we turned back and bombed down.  It was kinda good training for him, cos he's never climbed anything that steep before, and was good for him on the brakes coming down too.  It appears to be very much a DOC quadbike track.

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