Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Twosdee night, first-lit Hunt Traverse Nun

Bit of posse action last night.  Top of Huntsbury there assembled the group at 6.22, me finding Steve, Pete, Robin, Wazza and Tones ready to roll.  In twos, for a start, we climbed - with Wazza, Pete and me reaching the top first.  Felt pretty good riding up, all that 'weight' training I've been doing on the fatty must be helping.  Big group of riders were approaching on Vernon so we hit the Traverse, and I had a good spin around here, tho lost my chain in the dipper round under the 'loaf as we passed a few riders coming the other way (one of which blinded Tony (seemingly deliberately)).  After this I was behind Pete and Warren, and finally got to see what they were on about with regards the dust raised by the riders in front!  A couple of times the trail completely disappeared behind Warren (on account of his skidz!).  Regrouped top of Vic and then headed into the Thompsons, swoopy wee blast through these, then across the road and up the Summit.

Progressively strung ourselves out along the road, with Pete and me pausing to regroup just before Worsley Rd start, then riding off up with Tony and Wazza, all regrouping up top of the Nun.  3 other riders here, who took off not long after we arrived.  Then once the others had assembled some other lights were pressing up behind so we dropped in.  I took the lead and rarked up the dust for the rest.  Managed not to drop my chain down here, but down in the squiggles below the rockiest section, but before halfway, I swooped through an armoured corner and a missing flagstone made my wheel catch the next one, snakebiting instantly.  As I got started to get sorted, Pete stopped to lend a hand then Tony arrived and flatted at exactly the same spot!  So we fixed and got riding only to catch up to Wazza who'd flatted further down.  Bloody Nun!!!  (Steve said that's 8 punctures between 4 riders in the last two rides down here).  Steve and Robin were waiting at the halfway mark (not sure if they'd been all the way down and back up or not...?).  Short regroup here (my chain had popped off again, i think here(?) - sorted that) and we continued our merry ways down, me attempting to be lightweight on my back end...  Good run down the rest and managed not to drop the chain again.

Up the road to top of Vic, except for Wazza who took the second Thompson.  Tony peeled off up top here, to head home via the top of Vic Park and down Crashmare.  The rest of us headed back around the Traverse, into the wind this time.  Big posse at the old rest spot, who Steve and Robin stopped to chat to (unbeknownst to the rest of us who waited for them wondering where they were further on).  Anyway, Pete, Wazza and myself took interesting lines through the tussocks off piste down to the landing strip then scattered bunnies across here, where we waited to see the other's lights.

Over the fence, and down through the tussock-tight singletrack and over the gate and down through the jumpy drops riding some and bypassing others.  Back to the car, 8ish?  my lights having held out quite well considering I'd only managed a half hour top up charge before heading out.

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