Monday, April 06, 2015

Yeaster Monday View Hillage

About 10am took myself off on the Fatty up the road to Chorlton, and on up View Hill Rd seemingly into the cloud.  But, as I approached it it lifted and the sun broke through as I climbed the steepest section.  Fatty climbed the steeps all good, and I managed to too.  Under the big pines on the intersection that had collected their own moisture from the clouds I stopped and adjusted my numb crotch, and my seat too.  Took about an hour to get up to the gate, then another 10-15 to the top.  Spent a bit of time up there absorbing the view and then donned the helmet and skedaddled down.  Immediately became splattered by the dewy spleckage flying off the tires.  Bumpy track!  Stopped part way down to let more air from the tires.  This improved grip and relieved some of the bumpiness.  Little bit of off piste and a lot of on.  Once through the gate the momentum built and the grip and the smoothness of the trail due to the fatness of the tires was phenomenal.  Bike just felt so planted, bombing down.  Stopped a couple times for breathers.  Below the pines the gravel started and so did the speed.  Flying down, so planted, so fast.  Epic speed, and confidence inspiring braking too.  In no time flat I was down on the last fast blastings of gravel before Chorlton and the tar seal.  Then it was rocket ship speed and humming down the road, avoid the cars coming up (giving a couple of them quite a fright), riding in the swale on the side of the road a couple times and along the edge for some of the ways.  Then, into Lukes Rd and up, over down, more roaring speed and then across the neighbour's paddock and up our drive.  1 hour 45 all up.  Straight into my togs and to the beach to meet the family and into the cold cold sea.  Excellent.

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