Monday, May 04, 2015

Sunday Fat road to Planting

Felt like a bit of a change and rode the fat bike around to Pete's for a 9am meet with the rest of the crew.  No sign of Pete, then Steve turned up and Wayno was running late so we found him out on the road.  Down Avonside Drive and Kilmore through the 'Harmony Run' in the park, all the way my tires humming like an angry box of bees, and we met Tones and Andy at Kilmarnock and the railway.  North up the railway trail all the way to the end, then the usual streets with a stop at Cosy Cafe for coffees (and tea) and then onwards to Styx Reserve, past the no bikes sign and in, lots of dirty looks from walkers, even tho we were on our way to plant trees for them!  Planted for pretty much 2 hours, ate sausages and then hit the road back home, same way all in reverse, bees buzzing angrily all the while.

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