Friday, May 01, 2015

Thursday Birthday Fat Jet Beach Explorations

Bit of a weird one yesterday.  Skipped off work early, on account of it being my birthday, and took the Fat bike and Jet out to Pines Beach.  Parked out at the end of Reid Memorial Drive and headed back into the forest, vaguely north, on a nice wee track, then through trees for a bit then hung a right and out towards the beach when my left crank started feeling weird.  Damn thing was loose and I didn't have the right tool, so jimmy-fixed it up a bit, but not perfect, got going again out to the beach, found certain sand better than other bits and eventually back to the car.  Drove through to Kaiapoi, stopped a the Bikes and  Mowers shop and bought the 8mm hex tool I needed, then drove to Spencerville where I well and truly tightened up the crank.

Parked out the end of the main drag, beach access, and tootled around a nice wee track to the Surf Club, then found the beach a bit small, big pumping sea, high(ish) tide and lots of detritus making for no where to ride, so, turned back and headed back to the car then out onto the beach there, and avoided wave action along the narrow strip of driftwood and the dunes.  It all got a bit much, so I pushed up the dunes and over through to the quad track behind, and proceeded to follow this north, eventually all the way to the mouth of the Waimak about 4.35pm.  Really nice out here, then rode all the way back along this track back to the car and headed home, getting there at 5.30pm.  Jet had a nice run, and I enjoyed my nature explorations and riding the fatty on the sand.

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