Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday night eastern

Nelson collected me from mine after work and we headed out to Scumner and up to Evans Pass.  Straight into the Goddles, nasty climb taxing us both and he discovered a weird clunkiness in his back end, so stopped and fiddled, and decided to just ride it.  On up and out, going pretty good.  I was in front for a bit so held him back til the top.  Then he took the lead and we fanged it down towards Livingston.  The last throes I was in utter cruise mode, weaving back and forth, the bike doing everything perfectly.  Smoothest descent of this trail for a long time.  At Livingston we tried a new way, heading around the walking track to the right.  Excellent wee track, sidles around for a while, gradually climbing, some big exposure on the right, then into a pinchy wee climb, struggling up through a couple of steps and steeps, then over the ridge and over a stile and down down down, fun descent with some steps and trickiness to Breeze Col.  He had a fiddle with his handlebars here and then we were off up the narrow track above the road around and into Breeze Bay track, going fast around this.  I had a wee moment of both wheels slipping on our rock, but the rest of it was smooth and funky.  Back at Breeze Col we headed back up the narrow trail again this time bombing down to the end of the road and onto the trail below the road back to Breeze. Then it was the road back towards Evans, slowly climbing til we got to the 4wd trail back up to the singletrack for the final blast back to the car.

Mapped, 14.75 kms, over 500m altitude.

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