Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wellington 6: back to Polhill

Polhill revisited.  Final day of the trip, packed up our shit and loaded it all into the downstairs room, then hit the city traffic across, yet again to Aro St, heading up Holloway road again and into Clinical.  Climb climb climb, tired legs slowing me down, slowing everyone down, except, seemingly, Nelson.  Breather once again in the park, and then into Highbury Fling.  Around this, climbing mostly, then up Sawmill and the short section of fenceline then Windmill, popping up to the Windmill for another look. An actual view of the city and beyond this day, rather different to the cloud we were inside of a couple days prior.  Then it was into Car Parts, bombing down and around, back across the road and some discussion of playing down the Rollercoaster, back up Highbury before heading down Transient, but nope, straight into Sawmill down into Transient, wondering this time how I'd gotten so hung up on the rooty bit at the top.  Good fang down the whole trail again this tiem, dusty.  Regrouped same spot as last time, then down to Serendipity.  On the 'drop' Alistair flatted, so him and Pete and Nelson and Mark stopped to drop it a couple of times, while I ploughed on ahead and ended up down the bottom first.  Steve and Wayne and a few others rolled up and eventually the dropping four turned up.

Mappage, 16.64 kms and only 381 m altitude climbed.  Not much, compared to what we're used to here in Churchur.

And that was the trip.  None of the trails were particularly technical.  All pretty smooth easy tracks, especially when you compare them to such like Greenwood or Godley even, and we don't even consider them to be very technical tracks...  And, there's a fair bit more of Wellington we never did.  I wish we'd gotten out Red Rocks, and out at the West Wind project area, and up into the Akatarawas, and maybe even if we'd ventured up to the Kiriwhakapapa out of the Wairarapa. Always wanted to do that one.  Oh well.  Another time...

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