Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturday shorty short woofy short

O and Jet and me headed up and parked up top of Worsley's for about 11am and headed up the main drag.  Always over estimating his skill level, or under estimating how tech a trail is, and so we climbed and it showed me how tech the main drag actually is.  He managed heaps, but quite a few bits caught him out.  We just took our time and had a nice easy cruise on up.  It also showed me how long it actually is, how normally I just jet on through it, but at his pace, each section seemed really long.  Finally made the bottom of the body bag and up the climb to the forest.  MMR told me at this point we'd actually only been riding 20mins, but it had been nearly an hour since we left the car! 

I led off down into Tommy's.  We bombed, jumped, stopped, bombed, jumped, wove and stopped.  At one point we stopped and checked out a massive jump sequence off to the left.  Got rolling again, debated doing Fight Club, but decided against it and headed off down through the Pylon gap and on down the trails on the left of the Guts track.  then, out the bottom, and across to Epitaph and back to the car...

4.4kms and 230m of alt.

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