Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sunday Solo Forest and Jet

Jet and me got away from home about 10.40 and to the top of Worsley's Rd to park with all the other cars parked up there in the car park.  Buncha XC whippets entered the trail ahead of me and, about 11.10, I started my hot plod up the trail through gate, through the paddock and into the trees, climbing ever climbing, catching a walking dude on the steep bit then chatting with him as I slowly left him behind.  Climbed on up through the Braille region, then across the main drag and on up into the B-Line zone.  Chatted briefly to some young'uns here then headed on up to the very top. 

Into Throw The Goat and dusty bombing down down down, back and forth down and over and through and dropping and weaving.  Nice descent, but I still baulked on the 2nd log jump.  Passed some walkers not far below this, then wove on down to the bottom.  Climby climb around in the hot sunshine and then up the guts track, cleaning it all to the Clifftop where we stopped for a nice breather and there was a spot I found with breeze and shadow, and Jet puffed and panted, hot tired doggy, while I had a bit of OSM and drank my fill. Got going again, into the old-school lead in towards Fight Club then had second thoughts and turned around and hit down Listerine Sandwich.  What a funking waste of altitude.  Straight down the hill, dropping dropping dropping, missing all the best bits of Fight Club and then entering it on the log-wall-corner thing, before the final drop down to the bottom.  Pointless, like a listerine sandwich would be, I guess.  Back into the climb up and around and then finished off the usual down past the tank and across into Epitaph back to the car. 

Nice bit of riding in almost exactly one hour.  450 m altitude climbed, in 7.7kms...

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