Saturday, July 30, 2016

Random Redzone Ramblings

Jet and me were at a loose end and I was too tired to head for the hills, so jumped on the newly upgraded fatty (it's now a Ritchey Commando, - Charge Cooker Maxi 2 no longer!), and we wandered the redzone.  Mostly using gaps in the fences, but plenty of lift over, climb over, and wire stretch let-unders for jetty.  Explored my usual Horseshoe Lake trail, and had a look around the north side too.  Nice.  When in the large expanses of redzone, we just ride randomly, wandering from one patch of trees to the next.

Back towards home along Mundys and Archilles, then around the Banks Ave singletrack.  Rain was juuussstt starting to spit when we got home.  Good timing.

12 kms, and wow, 23 metres of altitude...

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