Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Mt Herbert snow and wind.

Couldn't make the ride to Orton Bradley TFC planting with the boys, but managed to get out later on, driving round to Diamond Harbour for an attempt at some snow riding after a nice dusting was deposited over the Peninsula tops overnight.  Caught up with the boys (Pete, Steve, Tony & Wayno) as they were just getting into Diamond Harbour, making them miss the 12.30 ferry sailing by stopping to talk to me...  (sorry guys).

Headed off up the walking track, bailing all the techy bits cos they were slippery as, but the rest of it was nice, and it was in here that I only just remembered to start MapMyRide.  Across Bayview Rd and onto the trail proper, steeeeeeep to start with, and steep and long a lot of the rest of the way.  Steady climbing, riding most of it, meeting a couple of walkers here and there, all bundled up against the wind.

The worst climb was from a gate just below a couple of water tanks, and it's waaay too steep to ride, so walked for some time up this bit.  This was where the snow started to become more common, tho mainly the trail was clear til the top of this section, when the drifts started taking up half the track.  On all the exposed ridges, the wind was ferocious, cold and strong, but the lee-side slopes were mild and sunny.  Drifts of snow and snow on the track were steadily increasing from about 600m altitude.  This made riding more interesting, and the fatty handled the drifts nicely.  The last section of track I rode was up to the gate below the summit.  829m according the MMR, so less than 100m shy of the 919 top.  Snow was pretty solid here, nice squeaky stuff, and drifted in nice windridges.

Here's the view...
And a nice view of the bike... (weird fat-butt camera distortion...)
Let some air out here.
 Descending, the snow was awesome to ride in, cushioning the bumpiness of the track.  The steep section to the water tanks was horrible, really hard work, rigid bike on rough track, working the brakes, made for some sore hands and arm pumpedness.  Lower down the long rolly flows were sweet as, and one section much lower down I was humming along with my hands utterly loose on the bars. 

Left the car at 12.30ish, and made the highpoint about 2.10, and was back at the car before 2.45.

All up, over 700m climbed, and less than 14km travelled... 

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